MANITO Silk Moments-倾心而织 丝享每刻

Brand Story


       MANITO于2008年诞生在加拿大温哥华。从美国比弗利Mayfair House到温哥华Pisolino,迄今,品牌在北美地区已有50多家经销点。以世界卓越桑蚕丝,生产出涵盖床品、睡衣、配饰、婴童、内衣等真丝家居产品。目前,在中国北京、上海、深圳、南京、西安等城市均开设有品牌精品店。



       MANITO 将真丝织物的迷人触感与品牌永恒的经典设计巧妙相融,由此,把一份源于北美、简约自然的生活方式,带到每个人的身边。


From cocoon to creation, MANITO's quest to enhance lives through functional elegance insists on meticulous attention to detail. A passionate pursuit of excellence drives the preservation of cherished heritage techniques, honoring the lifetimes of expertise that have been poured into every thread. For decades, the exquisite silk from which MANITO's own sleepwear and bedding is created, has reached elite fabric mills across the globe. It has been spun into the most sought after products and established itself as the pinnacle of luxury.

An uncompromising desire to enrich lives through considerably crafted sleepwear and bedding led MANITO to develop The Dreamers Cocoon. This signature fabric meets every element required for pure relaxation, comprising a breathtakingly smooth texture and a density that is perfect to be enveloped within.

To reflect the contemporary North American lifestyle that lies within the soul of the brand,  the inherent beauty of mulberry silk is seamlessly fused with timeless modern design.

Beginning in the hands of artisans, MANITO silk belongs in the heart of your home. It enhances your precious intimacy by captivating you with unforgettable silk moments, evoking this familiar elegance no matter where you are.